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We appreciate your interest in Stonyhurst Schools and welcome you to our website. Our role as a school is to nurture our children by guiding them as they lead on their path to success. This we achieve through giving the highest quality care and education possible by adapting best practices, employing modern technology in our educational and operational processes, maintaining an attractive and clean environment while working with a highly specialized team of educators and domestic staff.

At Stonyhurst Schools, every child is at the Center of learning. With class sizes of 10-15 scholars, each child will receive the adequate attention that is needed. Your child will be encouraged to discover his or her strengths through a wide range of subjects and activities that would help build his or her self-confidence in a serene environment, a home away from home.

We welcome our prospective parents and scholars and look forward to discussing your aspirations and identifying what we can offer.


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Our Vision

To be the early childhood development educational facility of choice in Lagos metropolis and beyond, providing a world class learning environment, unique to each child, in tune with local needs.

Our Mission

To work closely with Parents to provide children with an unrivaled safe, secure, nurturing and stimulating early childhood learning experience, unique to each child’s needs, using the blended curriculum approach fine-tuned with Nigerian culture to promote high level of social, cognitive, physical and emotional development in a cost effective and environmentally sustainable way.

Our Goal

Our goal focuses on establishing a world class learning environment where each child’s unique needs are met with the expertise of passionate and committed team of care givers and teachers.




0 month- 1year


2 – 3years

Nursery 1

3 – 4 years

Nursery 2

4 – 5 years




1 – 2years

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Our Programs


Your child’s analytical mind is stimulated at Stonyhurst preschool using various teaching resources in delivering our numeracy activities. We provide our children with opportunities to develop and improve their skills in counting, understanding shapes, spaces, measures, and using numbers, among others.

  • Age:
  • Time::

Expressive Art

Children are masters of the moment. And in our expressive arts classes, they are helped to explore their imaginative and creative minds. They paint, explore and create art with colourful materials which aids in developing their fine muscles. Our Arts and Crafts activities also help foster mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem solving…

  • Age:2-3 years
  • Time::9:00-11:00

Communication and Language

At Stonyhurst preschool, we create opportunities for children to experience a rich language environment; to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves; and to speak and listen in a range of situations.

  • Age:1-6years
  • Time::Everyday

Fun Time

Extracurricular Activities

    • Water play / Swimming
    • Ballet dancing
    • Taekwando
    • Badminton
    • Book club
    • Outdoor games

Our Teachers

Mrs Okwui Uddoh
School Administrator
Miss Esther Kalu
Class Teacher
Miss Chioma Nwankwo
Class Teacher
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Why Choose Us

  • Quality Childcare
  • Qualified Teachers
  • Excellent Results
When you choose Stonyhurst schools, you can rest assured that your child is in a well structured child-friendly learning environment which also provides a serene atmosphere that feels like a home. With us, each child is well catered to by a team of professionals. Bearing their unique needs in mind, our children enjoy broad learning goals going beyond narrow academic aims like early literacy and numeracy to building the foundational knowledge, skills, and confidence for physical, social, cultural, artistic academic and emotional development.
  • Supporting the Child’s Personality
  • Indoor/Outdoor Games for Little Kids
  • Professional & Qualified Teachers
  • Best Learning School for Kids
At stonyhurst preschool, our teaching staff are made up of trained and certified individuals who are creative, compassionate, and dedicated to making a difference and improving the lives of the children they work with. We nurture each child’s curiosity and motivate them to learn through their interests and ideas.
  • Supporting the Child’s Personality
  • Indoor/Outdoor Games for Little Kids
  • Professional & Qualified Teachers
  • Best Learning School for Kids
“Results define hard work” and we base our work on this so that your child gets the better result and get used to bring better results forever. Our goal is to prepare them for the future to come and make them eligible for any hardship that comes in their way.
  • Supporting the Child’s Personality
  • Indoor/Outdoor Games for Little Kids
  • Professional & Qualified Teachers
  • Best Learning School for Kids

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